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Let’s Try Again written & composed by Rafael de Alba, produced by James Hurr and sung by singer and actress Rebecca is Rafael's follow up release to the dance hit The Point Of No Return and will compete to represent Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. 




Matinee Summer 2013, double compilation album mixed by Taito Tikaro and Lydia Sanz, includes "Melissa López: The Point of no Return ( James Hurr and Hugcaro remix), written by Rafael de Alba.




Hugcaro is back with Orphans in the Snow, a tribute to Siouxsie and the Banshees and The Creatures.





Melissa López sings 'The Point of No Return', written by Rafael de Alba and produced in London by James Hurr.  Melissa competes in this year's Swiss Eurovision preselection.





After a short summer hiatus, Hugcaro is back with a new record "Pink Flamingo" featuring James Hurr.





Future House Classics Vol.7 includes Erotic Vagrancy feat. James Hurr: Diving (Space Noyse remix)





Essential Ibiza House Vol.8 includes Erotic Vagrancy feat. James Hurr: Diving (Enrique Echd remix)





SYCDmusic is releasing Hugcaro’s new single “Bailando” featuring singer/songwriter/artist Marc Wayland.





Sunset Sessions Vol.6 includes Hugcaro feat. James Hurr: Stranded Again (Liz Cirelli remix)






SYCDmusic presents MMXII; an unmixed compilation album to celebrate our 1st anniversary.






Future Electro House Classics Vol.5 includes Hugcaro: Spread the Word (James Hurr remix)






SYCDmusic welcomes back Italian DJ/Producer Space Noyse.

"Return" is his second release: a fusion of Swedish influence, intense rhythms and his already melodic trademark sound.




Ultimate House Vol.1 includes Hugcaro: Eden (Blacktron remix)






Sunset Sessions Vol.1 includes Hugcaro feat. Rafael de Alba: Shangri-La (James Hurr remix)






Hernan Cattaneo played Hugcaro feat. James Hurr: Stranded Again (Liz Cirelli remix) on radio Delta FM 90.3